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Typical Business Situations We Turn Around


How It Starts

Your small-medium sized business is bound to face one or more of the above challenges from time to time.  In most cases you probably try to deal with the issues using your own resources.  But it's only when things get too difficult or threatening for the survival of your business do you tend to call for help.  By then it may be too late, or too expensive, to find the best solution or any solution.  But we can help, since we deal with these problems all the time.  Just give us a call on our 0800 number.  We do not charge for telephone advice.

The Biggest Threat of All

Without a doubt, the biggest threat businesses face these days is HMRC -  Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs!  Last year, before the government introduced the new austerity measures, HMRC was prepared to give tax delinquent companies up to one year to clear their arrears.  It was called "Time to Pay".  But that concession was later wound down to quickly pull in much needed tax revenues to fund the deficit.  This has led to unexpected pressure for businesses whose banks are also not lending like they used to.  HMRC are also the main plaintiff in winding up companies in the High Court every Wednesday.

How We Can Help You Deal with HMRC

HMRC always prefer to deal with professional advisors than clients direct.  We know how to regain Time to Pay concessions or court adjourments for businesses that are not familiar with this delicate process.  We can often make good deals with HMRC - provided we know about the problems early enough.  A valuable early warning service to clients is making them aware of the services we offer them at no initial cost.  In some cases we even offer pro bono advice.

Money is the Root of All Turnarounds

As the recession deepens, sales are affected downwards and cash flow becomes tight.  Pressure builds up when creditors can’t be paid on time and suppliers cease offering credit terms.  When salaries cannot be paid on time the business faces serious survival issues.  In most cases we can find ways to regenerate cash and to present a more compelling proposition for your bank to lend, or to bring in short term funding.  When we do our initial Business Situation Review, at no cost to either your business or your lender, we can usually spot the opportunities quite early.  In this way you can afford to hire us so we can help you revive your businesses quickly. 


We are business doctors and problem fixers, not consultants.  We always recommend “Prevention is Better (and Cheaper) than Cure!”  So it makes sense to get an opinion – at no cost – as early as possible, if there is a suspected company illness.  Call us for an exploratory chat.  Ask for a second opinion.  Time can be your enemy.  Act early to make it your friend!