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Advisory Panel

Some of your clients may have extremely urgent or unusual needs from time to time. To deal with these tougher challenges we have selected a group of high level experts as our Advisory Panel below. They have sound credentials in business turnarounds as well as UK industry-wide contacts.

Click on the names below to see their full details.

has been actively involved in all aspects of business turnaround, financing and insolvent restructuring over the past 20 years and runs a highly successful company in business turnarounds in the UK and South Africa, The MacDonald Partnership Plc.
is an award-winning business turnaround specialists in the UK. He is Chief Executive Officer of K2 Business Rescue, a corporate recovery and turnaround firm that provides restructuring and reorganising support to investors and directors. They also invest in many of the companies they turn around.
is the founder and MD of the Debt Advisor, a multi-award winning practice, offering innovative advice and solutions to bring relief from debt. She's been invited to join several UK government-led working parties on dealing with debt and avoiding bankruptcy. Hers was the first UK firm to retain a psychologist to counsel and rescue individuals in deep distress over debt, saving many from suicide and other tragedies.

Our International Panel members provide wisdom and guidance to our Executive Team in supporting our Financial Advisor channel partners. They help us to innovate new strategies for Financial Advisors wishing to offer truly holistic asset and liability management services to their clients.
is the owner and CEO of Canadian-based PlanPlus Inc, the leading international e-training firm for financial planning globally. He has been a pioneer and developer of software for e-training for over 20 years as well as leading innovations in internet knowledgebase building. He also pioneered Planipedia, the unique web source for financial planning knowledge.
is President of Walker Capital Management Corporation, a fee-based financial planning firm serving wealthy families and business owners. He is widely recognised as a forward thinking visionary, communicator and coach in the financial planning industry having been involved in its early development in the USA.
is Chairman and CEO of the BFI group of companies, a leading Swiss wealth management group catering to wealthy families for dynastic wealth succession. He advises other wealth management firms in Europe and North America on international business strategies, asset protection other and liability management techniques.