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Preview Meetings

You can have a private session with our Turnaround Specialists, at no cost, in your office or conference room.

To save time, we will present one or two powerpoint presentations with case studies followed by Q&A.  Total time allocation is one hour or less.

We will also leave you an information pack with notes, weblinks and a checklist for your own use.  You can either engage us to train your staff or to work directly with your clients alongside your staff.

Private Seminars

You can give your staff free training in liability management by booking one of our in-house company seminars at no cost but for a minimum of 12 attendees. Talks will be typically 45 minutes with 15 to 30 minutes Q&A and discussion but longer sessions are also bookable. Seven days' booking notice is required.

Our team is available to brief you on:


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"Greater Success from Liability Management Services".

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