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Your clients will always receive confidential and personal attention from two or more of our Executive Team below.  We realise that dealing with SME owners and operators in times of difficulty and high stress requires a careful choice of advisors. Our team members are very discreet and experienced in these situations; they would seldom be surprised by any business issues put before them.   In the unlikely event that any incompatibility should arise we would immediately substitute another team member to your client's satisfaction.    

Click on the names below to see their full details.

is a business turnaround and company rescue specialist. He has helped SMEs and HNWIs overcome seemingly impossible challenges with both asset management and liability management issues in several countries. He has brought together a powerful Executive Team and Advisory Board in "Success100" to help under-performing, under-pressure and under-funded businesses that have great potential but need help from an outside force.
is a highly experienced professional advisor in the financial services industries of the UK and South Africa. His wide range of qualifications and experience equips him to advise individuals and companies across the entire range of topics; tax, investments, debt, credit, financial planning, insurance, wills, trusts, estate planning, pensions, corporate benefits, business succession, venture capital and much more.
mentors and motivates executives to deliver results in their businesses over and above their expectations. Their success comes from her extensive coaching experience working with management teams especially in the SME sector. She has been a business consultant for the last 11 years for business development (research and planning) solutions for organic/cross-border growth focused on coaching and people development.
is an experienced corporate advisor with turnaround and re-engineering skills. He helps companies defy the law of recession gravity by raising their bottom line and increasing cash flow. His expertise can be found in publishing and seminar appearances where he has contributed numerous talks, articles, reports and books on creating business excellence. He has mentored many successful entrepreneurs and publishes a weekly newsletter with business tips and strategies for success.
is a former banker who helps SMEs grow their businesses. He coaches key staff, including board members, in his special financing and profit-generating techniques. He uses a simple but highly effective KASH formula to improve cash flow by maximising the firm’s Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. He specialises in financial training for non-financial staff which empowers the businesses as a whole to a new level.
is a specialist in personal brand development and talent management of already successful entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities.  She has over 20 years experience in London and Los Angeles. Deborah believes that a key factor in the success of SME turnarounds, and later success, is the improved personal branding of the CEO and other key executives.
is an expert in releasing cash from working capital by linking and synchronising processes. He has considerable experience in the manufacturing sector and can turn around cash-strapped businesses with skill and speed. His focus is on helping SMEs who form the backbone of the British economy.
is an IT and software specialist. His skills are in IT-based business improvement, E-commerce and internet marketing. He shows SMEs how to get the most out of technology, cost effectively, implementing effective systems that use the latest state-of-the-art applications and equipment.

is involved with the general management duties of the business turnaround process, assisting in the development of financial modelling for SME clients. Her specialties are business strategy, problem analysis, market research, operations and IT systems.

is a multi-lingual MBA with strong business analytical skills. He was trained in commercial finance and leasing with Lloyds bank group before he joined Credit Lyonnais as an marketing manager Europe for the leasing business line. He assumed various non banking roles including marketing director satellite TV, Sales Director Europe (Internet services). More recently he's worked in the wealth management sector providing trust and tax services to the clients of IFA firms.

is a firm believer in empowering his clients by sharing his knowledge. He has created a toolset of innovative software, tailor-made to resolve some recurring, costly and hidden problems. He is a specialist in finding the root causes of sluggish performance. Throughout years of helping SMEs he has developed sophisticated software especially made for Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Business Owners who need to know how to improve their performance without ever becoming an accountant.