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Welcome Financial Planners and IFAs



New Opportunities for Corporate Financial Advisors!

From 31 December 2012 you were classified by the FCA as either an IFA or RFA. Either way, you need to find the best way to grow and add value to your business with the least cost and hassle since the sunset clause is looming ever closer on 6 April 2016. (Click here for more)

• SUCCESS DIFFERENTIATOR. The key to do this is by creating significant differentiation in your business model so you stand out from the crowd. In that way clients will be attracted to you more than other plain vanilla 2012 advisors.

• TRUST IS EVERYTHING. The words ‘Trusted Advisor’ are going to become very embedded in the public mindset since all the banks and big institutions are going to heavily promote that concept to attract business. It will matter not to the public that you will be IFA or RFA, Chartered or Certified, male or female, Level 3, 4, 5 or 6.

• VALUE and VALUES. The key factor in charging fees (or justifying limited product choice with commission) will be in the FUTURE value the client perceives in their relationship with you. Not in the transaction itself. After all, don’t most of the products and services you offer have a future ‘use by’ date or performance promise? They will also want to know what VALUES you observe. Long term will thrive on strong terms.

• CREATING VALUE. Yes, there will be many who go online to DIY or find discount execution-only deals. But those are not your ideal client, aren’t they? Your business value (when you want to sell or merge) is only worth what future income a buyer or partner can predict or perceive.

HOW can Success100 help you achieve that winning differentiation, build more trust and create value based on values (for your client and for your team)?

In a nutshell, we can show you (and help you on site) to add a missing corporate advisory dimension to your SME clients and your individual clients who are company directors or business partners. We do not want to give away the secrets of this business model online for obvious reasons.

If you are serious about leveraging your existing business to get the above results please contact us for an exploratory chat at no cost. If you are really serious we may ask you to sign a NDA to get the full picture so you can make an informed decision.

Give us a call or email us below. 

Telephone: 0800 888 6789