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Synatus Partners


Your clients can benefit from having immediate access to our network of Synatus Partners, now in excess of 300 senior professionals across all industry sectors.

After we assess your client's situation (in a discussion with you and/or them) we will know if they need immediate turnaround help from us or if they need:

We can provide CVs on up to 3 candidates your clients to choose from. Each will have references and case studies so you can choose the right fit for your team.

If your client's business has to undergo our 60-90 day turnaround process we recommend that they engage one or more of the Synatus Partners afterwards on a long term 1-2 year basis.  Our experience shows that this is the key ingredient for a business achieving high success after overcoming a difficult patch. This usually involves from one day per month, for Synatus Business Coaches to more concentrated periods (7 - 60+ days) for Interims and Consultants. 

In most cases they are paid on a partial success-fee basis which means they pay for themselves by bringing in extra profits or business sustainability.   Another big savings for your clients is that no agency fees are payable for sourcing Synatus Partners.  You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain in helping your troubled clients use our services.

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Telephone: 0800 888 6789